Friday, September 12, 2014

Ford Brothers

This post might seem a bit off my topic of Ontario's economy, but hear me out. 
There are some parallels between Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and former Argentine First Lady Evita Peron. Rob, like Evita, has an unbreakable spiritual bond with the "shirtless ones". Both rail against "elitist" enemies. 
Doug Ford is similar to Juan Peron standing next to Rob basking in his brother's popularity.
Argentina was once one of the richest countries in the world -- well ahead of Canada. The Perons are long gone, but Peronist populism still holds Argentines in thrall at the cost of a lost century for that country's economy and society. 
Let's hope Toronto does not succumb to Fordism ever again. I expect John Tory to be elected Mayor. But, the Fords will be carping on the sidelines throughout Tory's tenure. If Toronto's economy declines in relative terms along with Ontario, we could see a Ford comeback in future.
All that being said, I wish Rob Ford a speedy return to good health.

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